Product Detail
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Cheaper price CB radio 27 MHz CB walkie talkie 25.615-30.105MHZ HF SSB transceiver
Color: Black
Brand: JMT
Frequency: 25.615-30.105MHZ
Power: 8W
Key Words: CB Radio
Model: JM-925

Feature :

High power output 8W (H/L power selective)
Frequecny range: 25.615-30.105MHZ (3 groups selectable)
40 storage channels
AM and FM mode switchable
AM and FM mode squelch level adjust
RF gain control
Keypad lock
Frequency is fixed and unprogrammable

General Specifications
Modulation modeAM/FM
Frequency range25.615-30.105MHz
Frequeny tolerance±5.0ppm
Input voltage13.2
Frequency controlPLL Synthesizer
Operating Temperature Range-25℃~ + 50℃
Current DrainTransmit: 2A MAX
Receive: Squelched 0.3A
VOL Max: 0.8A
Antenna ConnectorUHF, SO-239
Transmitter Specifications
Power output8 Watts FM/AM
Transmission interferenceinferior to 4nW(-54dBm)
Frequency Responce300-3000Hz
Modulated signal distortioninferior to 5%
Output Impedance50 ohms
Receiver Specifications
SensitivityLess than 1uV or 10dB(S+N)/N
Image Rejection70dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection60dB
IF Frequencies1st 10.695MHz
2nd 455Khz
Audio Output Power1 watts
Squelchless than 1uV
Frequency Responce300-3000Hz