Product Detail
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100 millas walkie talkie wifi 3G poc radio lte walkie talkie WiFi network radios android T199
Color: Black
Brand: JMT
Frequency: None
Key Words: Zello Radio
Model: T199

Main Function:

1 Set the voice broadcast with clear voice
2 No limit for the quantity, free combination
3 Infinite functional expansion
4 National intercom in group, a hundred responses to a single call
5 IP54 protective design, military quality
6 Automatic update of group calling and group information
7 Application adaptation of intelligent terminal
8 GPS positioning function

Product Features :

1 Frequency of Public Network: 2.1G
2 Network Support: WCDMA
3 Communication Distance: Call nationwide
4 Size of Whole Equipment: 6S*36*190mm (Width*Thickness*Height)
5 Weight of Whole Equipment: ~202g
6 Battery Capacity: 3500mAh

7 USB Charger & PC Programe

Mobile Public network Wi-Fi Global Unlimited Mobile phone with Android Walkie talkie T199